The 2017 Merseyside County Cross Country Championships were held on Saturday at Sherdley Park, St Helens.

Thanks to all the officials who assisted on the day and to the athletes who turned out to represent for the club.

Full results are available HERE, with highlights below:

Primary Girls and Boys
Team – 1st place
H Bain – 2nd overall

U13 Girls
Team – 3rd place
F O’Hare – 1st overall

U13 Boys
Team – 1st place
C Teare – 1st overall

U15 Girls
Team – 1st place
E McNiven – 1st overall
E Gordon – 2nd overall
C Robinson – 3rd overall

U15 Boys
Team – 2nd place
J Ford – 2nd overall

U17/U20 Women
Team – 1st place
J Cook – 2nd overall
H Delaney – 3rd overall

U17 Men
Team – 2nd place

U20 Men
Team – 1st place
A Jarvis – 1st overall
T Rogerson – 2nd overall

Senior Women
Team – 1st place
R Burns – 1st overall
S Howard – 2nd overall

Senior Men
Team – 2nd place
D Gezimu – 1st overall
R Burney – 2nd overall