On a snowy Saturday morning the NA XC Championships took place on the fields adjoining Knowsley Safari Park but on Lord Derby’s estate. The first the event was the U17 Women and although we had one athlete entered she gave up on the weather. Hopefully this age group issue will be resolved next year onwards.

The Junior Women ran with a number under age and took the runners up spot in the team event – Katherine Walker was the first counter in 9th place followed by Rebecca Donohue in 15th and Olivia Perez in 17th place. Well done ladies.

The Under 13 Girls had a good squad out but just finished outside the medals in 5th place. The team was Bethan Strange (5th), Lucy Miller (8th), Emily Gray (28th), and Jesicca Cook (88th). The rmainder finished as follows Amelia Williamson (89th), Grace Preston (92nd), Maddy Broad (101) Emily Lucas (107), and Jasmine Gorman (122).

Thge U17 Men who won the team award last year had to be content with 4th place with Daniel Jarvis (5th), Abdi Sharif (38th), Kristian Quirk (43rd) and Lee Dobson (49th). Others placed were Callum Grant (68th) and Chris Manning (93rd).

Thge U13 boys had a full team but finished in in 13th place, the majority of the boys were a year underage theregore they did well under the conditions. The team was Max Brame (55th), Andrew Grant(66th), Daniel Preston (82nd) and Josh Lowe(106).

The Under 15 Girls finished 10th place with the counters being Sophia Brennan (7th), Abbie Gray(59th), Melanie Cattell (76th) and Isobel Haygarth(81st). In addition Emily Rowe (95th) with Lucy Cattell (99th)

The Under 15 Boys with majority being under age finished in 7th place with 50% of the team being placed Tom Clarke(50th), Ryan Doubtfire(52nd), Elliott Colman(70), Tom Rogerson(75th), Christian Woods(80th), Sean Keyes (114th), Ben Campbell (123rd) and Tom Smith (125th).

Although 5 members had been entered in the Junior Men’s race only 3 finished being Jamie Webb (37th), Ashley Chambers (56th), Nzimah Akpan (64th).

The Senior Women did well to finish in 6th place, with the counters being Laura Quine (23rd), Liz Egan (30th) who flew over from Ireland and had a terrrible journey, Seonaid Murray (35th), and Sophie Whiteside (47th). Others who also finished well were Sarah Jackson (94th), Vicky Unsworth (133rd), Karen Dalby (177th).

The Seniuor Men’s team finished in 8th place with Richard Burney (26th), Ben Russell (36th), Adam Peers (96th), Laurie Luscombe (110th), Alan Ashton (140th) and Ian Lawton (146th). Others who finished were Robbie Collins (153rd), Lee Midghall (155th), Glen Groves (188th), Peter Belcher (237th), James Cassidy (248th), and Sion Wynne Williams (275th).

I appreciate it was tough for all but those who competed and finished well done. I spoke to Bud Buldaro one of the country’s top distance coaches who loved the venue and course. Coming from him its a good reference.

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