A reminder to all that an Injury Prevention Seminar presented by Leigh Halfteck is being held tomorrow night, Tuesday 27th January 2015, at 8pm in the Liverpool Harriers Clubhouse. It is primarily aimed at coaches, but athletes may also find it useful and are encouraged to attend.

It was conceived from seeing a number of athletes of all levels and abilities presenting with very similar issues that required specific exercises to rectify. Because of this, the exercises were trialled preventatively to ascertain if they could be utilised as an injury prevention measure. This had good success and the injury prevention seminar followed as a natural progression of this result.

The seminar covers a number of key exercises aimed at strengthening an athlete in all planes of motion. The exercises can then also become a screening tool to see if they are weak in any direction. The seminar focuses predominantly on the feet, hips and lower back.

Please check out the following link for a free downloadable document with the introduction to the seminar:


Leigh Halfteck has worked in sport for over 10 years. He was lead Physio for the GB Taekwondo team for 4 years up to and including the London Olympic Games. He then worked for British Athletics in Loughborough treating some of the country’s best athletes. Leigh has also worked in Rugby as head of medical for Leigh Centurions and Manchester Rugby Club. He understands the dedication and desire of runners to get back to running as soon as possible. He enjoys getting to the route cause of the injury.