A report from last weekend’s Throws and Jumps Competition, the results of which can be found HERE.

Harry and myself would like to thank you, for making the above meeting a success.
Without all your hard work this meeting would not be the success it is. We have had many messages of thanks from athletes, coaches and parents.

This started in 2004 and is getting more support year on year with over 135 athletes competing, we were the first with this format of just Throws & Jumps many have jumped on the bandwagon and quite a few have fallen by the wayside. We know the weather was not as has been in the past years but despite the very windy conditions the officials and helpers did a brilliant job (again)
We Started at 10.00am and finished the last event at 18.15pm. On the day there were 35 Grade A standards achieved in u15 & u17 all getting silver salvers for this we thank George Bunner and the A.A.A.s for their support.

I don’t want to name individuals but would thank everybody that was involved in making this one of the most successful ones so far, we get more entries every year, and I hope to see you all for our competition on the 12th of September 2015. With your help & support making this competition, a bench mark for field events

Thanks also go to those behind the scenes, announcer Julian Hopkins, results by Simon Fennel, entries on the day Bob, Julie and Damon, presentations Pat & Jim Green and for the excellent food by Christine & Rose.

And finally thanks to the Hammer Circle for their support once again

Ronnie Bomba – Entries & Event Manager
Harry Oakes – Field Referee & Officials Co-ordinator

Report and Thank you mag docx