Committee Members

Club President, Officials Secretary, Public Relations, C&D Co-ordinator

Michael Dooling

Hon. Secretary

Arwel Williams

Hon. Treasurer

Michael Carney

Asst Treasurer, Website

Gareth Howell

Women's Secretary, Handicapper

Harold Benson


S Fennell

Club Statistician

Michael Holmes


A Fryer

Men's T&F Captain

Michael Bomba

Women's T&F Captain

Laura Shanley

Men's XC Captain

Richard Burney

Women's XC Captain

Rachael Burns

Elected Committee Members

A Croft, R Bomba, J Reynolds, A Reynolds, N Rowe, K Van Steen Shannon

Vice Presidents

Members who provide notable service to the administration of the Club, whether in an official position or not, are recognised by being elected as Vice-Presidents:

Vice Presidents
A M Lee D T Lonsdale R N Daley
R Davies M Arnot H Oakes
J H Jackson A Crocker A P Kenna
P O’Hare P V Burns J Myers
D M Turner C Hardacre A Swindlehurst
F Davies M Gilbert B Jones
W A McEvoy S Fennell M Holmes
R Harrison M Dooling B Camp
A G Bunner S Roberts J Smith
M Cheetham A Williams R Woodhall
B Laing J Laing S Carroll
N Wilkinson R Newcombe P Henley
D Williams A Fryer M Carney
J N Green P M Green G Howell

Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to members who have achieved exceptional standards and given great benefit to Liverpool Harriers & A.C. The award honours excellence in athletic performance (such as selection for Olympic Games), or being an indispensible part of the club’s management over a long period of time:

Life Members
K Box T S Farrell A M Lee
J W Speake D M Turner B Williams
G Smith W J Hartley J Woods
S Smith C Robb H Benson
M Holmes R Birrell A Onuora
D Allahgreen K Johnson-Thompson D Devine