Club competition 2024 – changes

There will be some changes to format and rules for our competitions next year:

National League

  • Premiership to consist of top 8 clubs, championship clubs now 4 regional zones of 6 clubs
  • Championship – 3 league matches. Top two in each region go into playoff match. Remainder contest Cup competition
  • Minimum standards in each event to earn point, standards to be issued in Feb
  • Liverpool in a group with Trafford, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bedford and Milton Keynes
  • Option to include 5000m for Women and mixed relays

YDL Upper

  • increase in 2nd claim athletes from 5 to 6
  • changes to technical rules relating to U17 racing when no U20 present
  • minimum standards for points could not be agreed and is deferred until next season
  • option to include mixed relays

They were no proposals to change the format for YDL Lower

YDL upper premier west teams – Trafford, Wirral, Blackburn, Liverpool, N Wales, Lancaster & Morecambe

YDL lower premier west teams – Wirral, Liverpool, Trafford, Preston, West Cheshire, Deeside

Northern League

All U17 can now compete, rather than just the top age group

Women’s steeplechase reduced from 3k to 2k

League contains Crewe, LPS, St Helens Sutton, Isle of Man, Wrexham

Fixtures are currently being ratified, but we have been allocated home matches for YDL Lower, YDL Upper and Northern League. The fixture list on the website will be updated when confirmed.

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