Member Profiles

Below are a number of profiles for many of our Club Members who have achieved something special – winning major honours, coaching at the highest levels, or performing vital roles within the management of our Club. These were painstakingly researched by Arthur Fryer, our Archivist.

Profiles of around 70 of these people have already been drafted, based on memories and on what was written in the athletics columns of papers and magazines over the years. These profiles will be published here, once they have been checked and edited. Wherever possible, we have checked the details with the actual person but, sadly, many of these people are no longer alive, so there may be errors. If you can add to (or correct) any of the details, or have photos of the people, please get in touch.
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Diane Allahgreen Who won WAAA titles, a European Junior Gold, a World Junior Bronze, and who competed in the 2000 Olympic Games.
Harold Benson A Club stalwart for 60 years, initially as a distance runner, but now as a well-respected coach and team manager.
Bob Birrell A brilliant Sprint Hurdler, an inspiring coach, a UK Team Manager, and a welcoming figure at the reception desk in our Clubhouse.
Margaret Cheetham Senior Who joined to support her daughter and help her reach International status, but now plays a big part in the daily running of the Club.
Frank Davies Distance runner, member of our AAA Champions road relay team of the 70s.
Mike Dooling Having enjoyed his running with Club teams for many years, he switched to the administration side.
Dave Evans Every successful road relay team needs a reliable first leg runner, and Dave did that job perfectly in the winning AAA 6-stage teams of 1974 and 1975.
Wendy Gerrard née Kavanagh An explosive sprinter who achieved Senior International status while still only 15 years old!
Roger Harrison Captain and a key man in the road and cross-country teams in the 1970s, awarded an MBE for services to schools sport.
Mike Holmes Champion thrower, mainstay of our BAL team for many years, coach to several Internationals, Club Statistician, past Club President.
Julian Hopkins First a sprinter, then a top class race-walker, but now doing a great job as a knowledgeable announcer at Club promotions.
Eunice Huthart née Archer Who became famous as a “Gladiator” on TV, but reckons she owes a lot to her time in the Club.
Benjamin Howard-Baker The best all-round sportsman ever? We were lucky to have him as a member (latterly as President) for nearly 90 years.
Curtis Robb Twice an Olympian, three times AAA Champion, and a great advertisement for the way youngsters progress at this club.
Val Rutter née Harrison Who High Jumped 6ins above her own head and held our Club High Jump record for 37 years.
Peter Simpson Our “ultra athlete”, who regards marathons as a bit short and relishes the challenge of multi-terrain events of well over 100 miles!
Geoff Smith A glance at the Club Records shows how good he was, and yet he is probably remembered most for his “failure” in the New York Marathon.
Jim Smith Came along to support his daughter’s distance running, was asked to help judging at one meeting, and has now been a Track Judge for 30 years.
Steve Smith One of the greatest High Jumpers of all time: multiple AAA titles, medals at all major Games, and UK record-holder.
Arwel Williams “Taff” has been a mainstay of the Club for nearly 20 years – Secretary, Coach, Official. Great stamina for a sprinter!
Peter Waddington Not just a superb runner at Steeplechase and on road and country, but also the organiser behind many a team victory in the 1970s.
John Woods Who won many a title on road and country for LHAC, ran in the World Cross-Country Championships 11 times, and ran in the 1988 Olympic Marathon.
John Charles Rice Club Treasurer (1926-1930 and 1934 – 1992), Secretary NOEAA, Life President AAA England.
Ernie Gallagher Club Secretary (1984 – 2007)
T J O’Mahoney Club Secretary (1956 – 1982)
Mike Turner One of greatest middle distance runners who held multiple roles within British Athletics including team manager and treasurer