World Merit Rankings

“Merit Rankings” are an attempt to value, on an annual basis, the ‘athletic worth’ of athletes based on factors other than, simply, their single top performance.

The considerations are such as the win/loss record against other top performers, championship record and the quality of the competitors and competition in which the top marks are achieved.

Track & Field News, the USA’s prestigious athletics magazine, have been publishing their authoritative annual Top Ten Merit Rankings since 1947 for men and from 1956 for women.

The following are the Liverpool Harriers who have made the lists since 1947 and can be regarded as truly world class:-

1957 Tom Farrell 400mH 7th European record holder/Olympian
1975 Bill Hartley 400mH 9th
1981 Geoff Smith 10,000m 2nd Double Olympian
1992 Steve Smith HJ 10th
1992 Curtis Robb 800m 10th Olympic Finalist
1993 Curtis Robb 800m 10th
1993 Steve Smith HJ 2nd
1994 Steve Smith HJ 5th
1995 Steve Smith HJ 4th
1996 Steve Smith HJ 5th Olympic Bronze/Double Olympian
1997 Steve Smith HJ 9th
1998 Steve Smith HJ 8th
2013 Katarina Johnson-Thompson Heptathlon 7th Olympian

Steve Smith was merit ranked for 7 consecutive years.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson is the only female Liverpool Harrier to make the lists.