In the table below you will find all the coaches involved with the club, their specialism and relevant qualification.

Please contact the club if you wish to find out any more information or would like to speak to a coach.

Name Discipline

Tommy Bates – Coaching Assistant

Harold Benson – Middle Distance – UKA L2

Mike Bomba Throws – UKA L2

Ron Bomba Throws – UKA L2

Richard Burney – LIRF

Peter Brame – Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF)

Mike Carney Middle Distance – UKA L2

Steve Carroll Sprints – UKA L3

Nat Cashman – UKA level 2

Tony Clarke – CIRF

Gail Cross – Coaching Assistant

John Cross Club Coach – L2

Mike Dandy Club Coach – UKA L2

Keith Doyle – Coaching Assistant

Dave Evans – Middle Distance – UKA L2

Gary Clark – Athletics Coach – Endurance, Athletics Movement Skills Level 1

David Gough Athletics Coach – Sprint and Hurdles

Mark Greenwood Athletics Coach – Sprint

Mike Holmes Jumps / CE – UKA L4

Anna Howlin Athletics – Coach – Sprint and Hurdles

Margy Jones Jumps – UKA L1

Joe Kelly – Coaching Assistant

Andrea Lightbody – Coaching Assistant

Natalie McKeown – UKA level 2 coach

Luke McQuade Johnson  – UKa leve1 2 coach

John McCole Middle Distance – Assistant Coach

Olivia McCormack – Assistant Coach

Dave McKown Javelin – UKA L1

Paul McKown Javelin – UKA L1

Hayley Mercer – Coaching Assistant

Lee Midghall – LIRF

Francis Mulvaney – Throws- Assistant coach

Janette Oliver – Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF)

Aimee Pierce – UKA level 2 coach

Alan Prescot Sprints/Middle Distance – UKA L3 Performance

David Rowe Athletics – Coach / LIRF

Dave Rawcliffe – Coaching assistant

Paul Rudkin Club Coach – L2

Paul Simons Endurance – L2

Jayne Teare – Middle Distance – Asst Coach

Philip Wasley – Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF)

Nick Wedderman – Throws- Assistant Coach 

Arwel Williams Middle Distance – UKA L3 MD)(Performance) (Mentor)

Dean Williams Javelin – UKA L3