Northern & National XC Relays – More Success

Northern XC Relays – Sheffield – 23rd October

Congratulations to our U13G and U13B who became Northern Champions at Sheffield.

The U13G came first and second with Valerie Teare, Bailey Hughes and Lexis Ellis winning and Holly Cross, Isabella Doran and Erin Fay.

Further congratulations to the U13B comprising of Charlie Rigby, Max Taylor and Sonny Cassell.

The other teams finished as follows:

U11G – 4th, 5th and 8th

U11B – 6th

U15B – 4th & 9th

U17M – 11th

U17W – 9th

SM – 18th

SW – 9th

National XC Relays- Mansfield – Sat 6th November

Yet more congratulations to our superstars who claimed their second national title and another 1st and 2nd place finish and by a clear margin.

There are some highlights of the race on you tube

Congratulations to Holly Cross, Valerie Teare and Molly Carvell who were first and Bailey Hughes, Isabella Doran and Lexie Ellis in 2nd

These were the results for the rest of our teams:

U17M -17th

U17W – 31st

U15B – 10th & 36th

U13B – 6th

SW – 28th

U20W – 12th & 18th

U20M – 36th

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