AGM – Tuesday 5th November – Details of Meeting

Details from the club’s AGM

Mike Dooling’s fixed term role as club president has come to an end. The club would like to thank Mike for all his hard work over the last five years and in recognition of his involvement with the club over the last 50+ years, the club has elected to make him a life member.

Steve Carroll takes over the role of president. Steve has been involved with the club for around 30 years. He is one of our leading coaches and is currently manager of the Northern league team. Steve has been on committee for 28 years and a vice president for 20 years.

Paul Isenwater and Julian Hopkins were elected vice presidents. Paul is a multi qualified official, women’s team manager and manages the website and twitter accounts. Julian is our stadium announcer and secretary of the county schools.

England Athletics have increased their fees again by £1, but the club elected to absorb the fee within the membership and membership will be frozen for next yar.


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